The United Nations declared March 20, 2013 the first International Day of Happiness. With that in mind, listen to Shonen Knife's Top of the World while perusing this week's tweets:

  • NGOsource: Today's the day! NGOsource launches equivalency determination service & cross-border grantmaking changes forever! link
  • Philanthropy: New TED Talk by Dan Pallotta getting lots of discussioni link  Original oped on the topic link
  • Gene: Sen Levin: "501(c)(4)s are not supposed to be engaged in politics .. we’re going to go after them." link
  • Nonprofit Law News: Recent Developments and Trends for Exempt Organizations link
  • Gene: Nonprofit Guide to Prudent Investing link
  • Debra Beck: Avoiding 9 nonprofit boardroom pathologies. Any sound familiar? link
  • Todd Johnson: Delaware announces its move towards a new corporate form for #socent and #impinv link
  • Law For Change: LFC to launch @LawForChangeNet in May to connect, engage, train & mobilize law students lawyers

And …

22 Things Happy People Do Differently – Successify

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