National Volunteer Week was an eventful one which included Equal Pay Day, the Wharton | San Francisco Social Impact Conference, and the Skoll World Forum! Have a listen to Miri Ben-Ari (who was featured at the Skoll World Forum) perform We Gonna Win while perusing this week’s tweets on nonprofits, philanthropy, governance and social enterprises:

  • Hands on Network: Did you know 62.6 million Americans volunteered last year? Happy National Volunteer Week!
  • Council of Nonprofits: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported fewer Americans volunteering in 2013. Have you seen a good analysis of why? http://bit.ly/OsGj1F
  • Bill Moyers: $431,360. That’s how much women miss out on over their careers bc of pay inequality. #EqualPayDay http://bit.ly/1mVHCFy
  • Global Fund for Women: Another must-read on #EqualPayDay by Zerlina Maxwell: Wage gap exists among women too. Equality Is equal pay for … on.thegrio.com/1qgOIn6
  • Nonprofit Issues: Use your IRS Form 990 to tell your story. Great checklist from @PANONonprofits http://buff.ly/1m4bImV
  • Nonprofit Finance Fund: What are the top challenges facing NPOs today? Explore our #2014Survey, generously supported by @BofA_Community http://ow.ly/vpjwd
  • Alice Korngold: “The top 6 reasons nonprofit board candidates choose one board over another:” Fast Company
  • Greg Colvin: We are starting a daily countdown of the Top 25 comments on the IRS proposed #501c4rules at http://www.nonprofitlawmatters.com/ today. Check it out now! [Ed. 25 - Stephen Colbert; 24 - Council on Foundations; 23 - Public Citizen; 22 - collaborative group - Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, League of Conservation Voters, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund.]
  • Gene: The rise of the sharing economy  LA Times | how do nonprofits fit in? Stanford Social Innovation Review 
  • Martin Montero: Dear #Skollwf community & fans,amid all the #socent & #impinv talks,breakouts,collaborations…Please reflect on this http://bit.ly/socentis

From Wharton | Social Impact Conference:

  • Bobby Turner keynote – great story about urban investing & cultural competency
  • Social impact businesses – multidisciplinary approach is critical; can’t succeed in silos; collaborate
  • Promoting charitable causes through once-in-a-lifetime experiences – @omaze – Business Insider [Ed. Watch the YouTube clip featuring Ben Affleck & Matt Damon.]
  • Julia Sze of @sonencapital talks about World Bank Green Bonds | can have premium return & favorable SRI/ESG factors
  • Economic factors aren’t necessarily determinative – need cultural competency & community engagement in impact investing
  • Philanthropy must focus on solution over innovation – Aradhana Roy
  • Only 20% of companies are writing sustainability reports in U.S. vs. 33% in developing countries – Marek Wosinski