Three Cups

Teaching moment?  Read our opinion piece in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Three Cups of Tea Scandal Offers Lessons for Charities and Trustees.  Here’s a teaser:

  • Consider public expectations in every report and publication.
  • View the informational tax return as a public-disclosure document, not just an IRS form.
  • Watch for potential conflicts of interests involving top executives and board members.
  • Prevent sweetheart deals that benefit a charity’s officials or board members.
  • Structure the board to engender public trust.
  • Conduct independent audits regularly to avoid trouble.
  • Adopt clear and fair travel policies.
  • Draft an emergency-response plan long before any problems arise.


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  1. Gene Takagi

    Some nice feedback on Twitter:
    philosopher20: “hands down the most forward looking piece on the Three Cups of Tea Scandal”
    joannefritz: “Luv article … Grt advice 4 NPOs”
    lucymarcus: “Gr8 piece”
    socialedge: “nice piece”
    GordonJayFrost: “You need to read GTak’s [opinion]”

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