Best of the Nonprofit Law Blog 2014

Here are some selected highlights from NEO Law Group over the past year that we hope you’ll find helpful. 2014 was also highlighted by an addition to Erin’s family and Michele’s graduation and passage of the bar exam! Amazing year for all of us. Blog Posts Governance What Issues Should a Nonprofit Board Consider Annually? Executive Succession: […]

NEO Law Group’s Video on Tips for Starting a Nonprofit – Alternatives to Forming a Nonprofit

  Today, NEO Law Group released a new 3 minute video in its series of videos on tips for nonprofits, available on YouTube.  While incorporating a nonprofit and applying for tax exemption may be the right choice in some instances,  there may often be a better way to achieve your charitable goals.  This video focuses on some possible alternatives to formation, including partnering with an existing […]

National Network of Fiscal Sponsors – Hot Topic Call: Legal

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hosting a Hot Topic Call on legal issues for the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors. If you’re interested in viewing the accompanying slide deck, you can download it by clicking Hot Topics in Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship (pdf). Preview: The focus of the call was on comprehensive fiscal sponsorship (also referred to as […]

Fiscal Sponsorship: A Valuable Option for Grantmakers and Grantees

  Yesterday, I had the honor of participating on a panel discussing fiscal sponsorship at the 2014 Grantmakers in the Arts 2014 Conference in Houston. Frances Phillips (Walter and Elise Haas Fund), Melanie Beene (consultant, former CEO of Community Initiatives), and Ian David Moss (Fractured Atlas) were my co-panelists, and we were joined by a very vocal group […]

Fiscal Sponsor Due Diligence

Fiscal sponsorship describes a relationship between an individual or group who have initiated a charitable project, and an existing tax-exempt organization that has agreed to support said project. In the most common form of fiscal sponsorship, “Model A” or comprehensive fiscal sponsorship, the sponsor brings the project in-house. The project has no separate legal existence […]

Fiscal Sponsorship on Nonprofit Radio

On Friday, 10:30 am PT, Emily and I will be discussing fiscal sponsorship with Tony Martignetti on Nonprofit Radio. What is fiscal sponsorship? Why is it important as an alternative to starting a nonprofit? How do you enter into a proper fiscal sponsorship arrangement? Make sure you catch the rest of Tony's show starting at […]

Fiscal Sponsorship & Dormant Projects – Part II: Removing Dormant Projects from the Sponsor’s Books

As discussed in Part I, when to remove an inactive fiscally sponsored project from the books is a critical discussion for fiscal sponsors given the various liability risks they face by allowing defunct projects to fly under their radars. Here, we will address some key considerations for fiscal sponsors in exercising proper oversight of such […]

Understanding Fiscal Sponsorship in the Arts – Creative Capacity Fund

On Monday, Gene and I had the pleasure of speaking at the “Understanding Fiscal Sponsorship in the Arts” workshop in San Francisco sponsored by the Creative Capacity Fund. There was an overwhelming attendance with over 150 registered participants comprised of current fiscal sponsors and fiscally sponsored projects as well as those considering becoming fiscal sponsors […]